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iPhone5,5s,5c,iPhone SE対応・Let us loop you in. 2

Apple wallpaper for iPhone5,5s,5c,iPhone SE


  1. 2016年3月のイベント「Let us loop you in.」の壁紙です
  2. iPhone5,5s,5c,iPhone SE専用サイズの壁紙です。
  3. ホーム画面にもロック画面にもお使い頂けます
  4. 詳しくはこちらを読んで下さい

Hi there! Hello! Bonjour!Hey hey hey! A new "small" iPhone is back! Now's goodbye to the difficult-to-use iPhone with a huge! ! iPhone4, iPhone5, was good to waiting! Wow! Phone is small things is the best. Large screen is required app try to use the iPad. Welcome back small iPhone!! Enjoy it!

iPhone5,5s,5c,iPhone SE用Appleマーク壁紙

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