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iPhone8/7/6s/6用ドックが消える壁紙・「Rainbow Apple Center」

Rainbow Apple Disappearing dock wallpaper iPhone6 only


  1. ドックが消える壁紙の6色リンゴマークです。
  2. 画面中央、大きめです。
  3. ロゴ位置は調整してあります。水平な場所に置き動かさずに設定して下さい
  4. 視差効果をオン(視差効果を減らさない)で動く様子を楽しむ壁紙です
  5. 詳しくはこちらを読んで下さい

Hi there! Favorite Apple mark? Are you looking for Apple mark wallpaper? Great to here it! Bingo! Hit! It is put by creating a variety of "Apple mark" wallpaper. Want to download? Well wait, you can not become another model, there is a wallpaper that can be used in all models. Well read the icon below. Promise only setting without moving. 1, put the iPhone on the desk. 2, open photo app selected wallpaper images downloaded. 3, the set without moving. It's "wallpaper dock disappears." Wallpaper hid the dock I have made for the first time in the world. Enjoy it!

iPhone用壁紙 6色リンゴ

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