iOS・iPhone Wallpaper

全iPhone,iPad対応・「Rose Gold with Apple mark」

Rose Gold wallpaper for All iPhone,iPad


  1. iPhone6sより登場したローズゴールドとAppleマークの壁紙です
  2. iPhone全機種設定できます。
  3. スムーズなグラデーションはホーム画面にもロック画面にもぴったりあいます
  4. 巨大なサイズなので拡大、縮小し、自由に設定してみて下さい。
  5. 詳しくはこちらを読んで下さい

Hi there! Hello! Bonjour!I kept you waiting. New iPhone "Rose Gold" wallpaper, it was possible! The other explanation unnecessary. Now, so download and set! iOS9, iPhone6s, it corresponds to 6sPlus of iPhone. Wonderfully beautiful. Look at the screen carefully, also have access to the site. Promise only setting without moving. 1, put the iPhone on the desk. 2, open photo app selected wallpaper images downloaded. 3, the set without moving. It's "wallpaper dock disappears." Wallpaper hid the dock I have made for the first time in the world. Enjoy it!

iPhone用壁紙 ローズゴールドとAppleマーク

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