iOS・iPhone HD Wallpaper



  1. MacOS10.10 YosemiteのFinderアイコン壁紙です。
  2. このページをホームに追加しますとiPhoneにFinderアイコンができます。ぜひどうぞ
  3. 視差効果をオン(視差効果を減らさない)で動く様子を楽しむ壁紙です

iOS8 Wallpaper. Very simple to suit you iOS7,iOS8 at higher. Dock is off again Once your "Settings" as it is. OK "Settings" wallpaper of the gradient to move to the center in "move and scale". Set in white with swipe to the left.
Use by turning on the parallax effect of iOS7,iOS8,iOS9.

iPhone用HDサイズ壁紙 Yosemite Finder icon

Please save it in the long press the image

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