iPhone7/7Plus,6/6Plus,SE/5サイズ対応”Apple Keynote”壁紙できました

こんにちは!遂に「もうそれを知ってしまうとなくてはならなくなる機能」が搭載されるとうわさのiPhone7。その発表イベント「See you on the 7th.」が開催されます。そのイベントのiPhone用壁紙を作りました!

See you on the 7th. wallpaper

7日に会いましょう」深読みすると「7番目を見てね」と言う意味のサイトが公開されています。iPhone7ですね。色々なうわさが出ていますが、楽しみです。イベントは日本時間の9月8日 2:00から開始されます。

※防水とかFeliCaとかうわさは色々出ています。モバイルSuicaがiPhoneで使えてかつ防水なら素敵です。**iPhone7ベース、防水FeliCaのSEを是非……(´Д` )



See you on the 7th
See you on the 7th







Apple keynote Sep. 2016 “See you on the 7th” wallpaper

Hi there! Hey hey hey! Bonjour! At the time of announcement, who was waiting for has come!

Pleased, I made a wallpaper.

All each model. Come on, use them! Set to!

Download here

iPhone 7

Features that are rumored to iPhone7 is

  • Waterproof performance
  • 1,200 million pixel dual camera
  • The abolition of the headphone jack
  • Wireless charging
  • Extension of battery duration
  • Headset Bluetooth connection

Waterproof is I’m glad! Catch up overtake Android!
As iPhone is former MacOS, it is painful to have to see that go down the same road. It licensed the OS. Although such should have experienced the worst of that era.
Apple’s ever-downfall. What I hope and want to show what more and more awesome would not just me.

Apple has realized the “more” of the people, put out into the world machines that think that there is a beautiful person role.
The world a product that thoroughly through Apple’s DNA. I pray wish.

Also I believe that I will make a lot of wallpaper.
So, please visit the site. We’d like a share.


Download here